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September 05, 2008


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As I sit here with a handful of chocolate (yes, the very chocolate I bought to bribe my daughter to pee on the potty, she's taking a nap in a pull up and I'm feasting) I am loving your new banner and name. I think there's a lot you could do with that name to change up your banner every month or two so you don't get bored :)

Your subtitle could be "life with seven treats" or "all the things I can't live without".

The only real thing I found when I googled the name is a candy store in TN.

One question though, do you care if people assume that "chocolate" has to do with the ethnic make-up of your family? Wouldn't bother me but it's something to think of.

And, FYI whatever link you're using when you leave a comment in my blog is broken and doesn't lead back to your blog or your profile.


I made it on www.scrapblog.com. I think I'll be doing my scrapbooking through this site.


Very cool! How'd you make it? I need some chocolate now...

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